Christopher’s invention story

Rushing, Jack went towards the over grown, wacky garden with an old, rotten shed.
Jack is a young, mature ,petite boy who loves to play football.

Then Jack could hear a humming noise coming from the old, rotten shed.
He was weary of going in to the shed.Then he apaches the shed the door
was rusty like a pice off meatless that has been out in the rain for 38 hours.
He knocks on the door it goes on for 23 minutes then he got to go in.

Then he sees the wacky crazy dreadlocked hair.He had old antique
clothes.”what your name,”
“My name is Beje,”
“What is that,”
“What is that ”
“That’s my machine do you help me build it ?”
Four hours later,
the newly polished oak wood glistened in the hot sun . Du to the weather,the oak wood glistens in sun.
It was all built,but then he knocks the chemicals… Then a blazing fire that was as hot as scorching sun in Brazil

5 days later the machine was built again ” I’m so happy that my machine is built again
“I’m happy that it is going to help lots off people.”

The messy inventor

Gargamel, was a messy scientist and had hair sticking up. Dusty, black clothes and he never slept he is always down stairs how he got in to this I don’t know .i think he got it of his dad one day, he was in his old rusty shed. Late that night, he saw his work shop blasted out with fire.The next day, he sprung out of his cosy little bed.

Running,down the stairs he said to himself “thank you its just a dream. “Hello gargamel what are you doing today” questioned George ” well do u want to see my invention ” asked gargamel ” yes! ” asked George

They were slowly walking towards the invention he only just started doing the invention , but he only need to do a head . ” what do you think is going to happen next?” . After a while the invention was like new . He turned it off , but he tripped over the invention and it had a big red button .

The next day came by and he turned his invention on and food was coming out off his mouth was going everywhere . The man came ” are you ok ” the man Said ” yes.”
So he turned the invention off and went outside he wasn’t there’s one went back into his rusty , old , mouldy shed he thought , ” it’s theThe red button what’s doing all of this ” he went to the invention pressed the red button everything went normal …

The breakfast invention by Codie

One day there was a little girl called Tabby she lived with her family she has 8 brothers and 12 sisters she also lives with her mum,dad,grandma,grandad . They lived behind a clock behind a shop of toys and they always go and food and toy’s so everyday day they got food and drinks and blankets and pillows but were the got there money from is from the till so they can pay for food and stuff you need.
One night Tabby went to the shop and steal teddies for there beds but the old man
caught and the old man said empty your pocket Tabby were frightened of the man and stole here best scarf no that is mine not any more I’m going to rip it all up into little tinny pieces of scarf. Now what were you stealing teddy so my house I will pay you fine but you get 2 days until you pay.

The little girl had a job for school she was a the head teacher and teachers get mad when headteacher is late.

Then before she went she ran away from the man and quickly got ready for her job.

She herd a crack,pop and a bang she was so scared she saw someone (frightend)
It was her family.

She wen to school at school she invented with investors machine what get s you Hoyt of bed brushes your teeth and and makes you breakfast and write s for you .

It became night time it came morning for her cos she had made a room to finish her invention but no one said can have decided who can have it.

They all argued and the invention was done tabby said I,m having it and they all said okay and and it was all a good invention it all lives happily ever after.

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Ebony’s great inventor story


Winter is a young girl who loves to wonder. As soft as a sheep, winter stepped on a pillow in the weird, wacky garden. Winter walked into a scruffy, old, raged labotory ;inside was a man whit hair which looked like whipped cream and he was dressed in tweed.

The man was named inventor Kookie,the inventor cookie locked at winter and said ” I didn’t expect to see you here” winter replayed
“I got lost in the woods “. What are you doing here?” The inventor didn’t replay and cared on building the mysterious Machine . The next hour later winter sat Down , but then she heard strange noises comeing from where the inventor was.

Winter went to the inventor’s room and saw an octopus. The invention was named Octo3000 it was making a sort of ping, pong ,ping ,pong ,ding ,dong ,ding, dong noises. The inventor shouted happily “YES IT WORKS!”the next moment octo3000 burst into billions of pieces and they scattered all over the place, on the tabes ‘on the counter and on the floor. Cookie shouted “NOOOOOOOO MY INVENTION!”

The inventor whined after the explotion. All of a sudden the inventor shouted winter in a strange,angry voice ,”come on help me fix it” winter screamed at all the dust on the floor, but then helped him fined the prices on the floor winter founded some cogs on the floor and cookie founded a wind up key and they built the machine. The end

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Winters pancake mashine By Abby

Hiking up the hill Winter finds a rusted,black shack.That looked like an overgrowth with all kinds of trees.Like ropes, the vines tangled around winters feet and hot her to the floor.a strange figure appeared he stepped over her “uhhh hello”Winter shouted to the figure but he had all ready shut the door.Lucky Winter found her red pocket knife that sliced into the vines like cake.

Winter saw a door bell she got up but then it suddenly disappeared. So she had to knock (knock knock) the door swung open.The man had been rushing around frantically looking for the right book.

Winter got in to the house “hello?” Winter said as her voice echoed Down the hall.the man was still running down the hall suddenly,something caught Winters eye.It was labelled “THE PANKFRY 9000″said a strong voice from behind Winter.”how dose it work.” Questioned winter hoping it would get the mans attention “oh this rings that sends a signal to that frys that flips it on to there and brings it out,Awsome isn’t it”said the man while takeing a deep breath in.

“Do you want to try it.”he asked “uhh me?” ” sure I guess I don’t know” said Winter nervously “Great” he said giddily “Bing Bosh Splat Sizzle and BANG!” “Cough Cough”
Winter said wiping the smoke off her face ,winter got up and helped the man up. “Look it works” said the man pointing at the machine. The smell of the perfectly cooked pancakes drew them towards the macine.

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The breakfast machine by tabby

One strange day, Ellie got a parcel that was meant to be delivered across the road.So that following hour she set off across the road .From the outside, it looked as tidy as Miss Davis’ bedroom. At the front of the gate was a string, so curiously she pulled at it. Out of nowhere came a robotic dog circling her. It beckoned her in.

Inside the house, it was pretty plain and empty. Ellie could hear a voice coming from the garden. Outside, there was a shed as small as a mouse. Ellie knocked on the brown, wooden, oak door and a knock came back . She knocked again and another dog came back! A few minutes late , the door swung open and Ellie stumbled in. The woman that stood In Front of her had crazy, grey hair that looked as if she had been electrocuted. A huge poof of smoke appeared an the room was filled with black smoke.

Coughing and spluttering, professor opal attempted to swat away the smoke. When the smoke disappeared , professor opal continued with the bright, colourful machine. ” what’s that?” Enquired Ellie. ” is it a unicorn?” She smiled hopefully.

Ellie loved pink, bright unicorns and many other mythical creatures.

“It is a well known breakfast machine little one!” Said professor opal.
“Wow can I see it work?” Ellie questioned.

Soon after, the machine began spluttering away, but it didn’t go as planned…

Eggs flew everywhere landing on the roof ,walls and coffee splashed over all the paper scattered on the desk. “Oh no!” Cried professor opal.BANG, CRACKLE, BOOM.

Clueless and scared ,Ellie paced around the shed . This was hard as it was only a tight space. Not knowing what to do herself, professor opal sat down and began quietly murmuring .

“Don’t worry-“, began Ellie. Shocked and curious, Ellie stared at it .”Maybe we can fix it”. Unsure but hopefull, professor opal agreed. Ellie disappeared and a minute later, she came back with a huge pile of random, strange things. In the pile was: a sharp, golden ice cream cone, a few rusty cogs and small gears, a pack of scrumptious chocolate buttons and a pack of rose red strawberry laces.

” Thats not quite what I expected,I mean…”began professor opal.
” Its ok I’ll handle this” interrupted Ellie. Sparks flew around the room as Ellie attempted to fix the broken invention. Professor opal took a peep and saw what used to be her rusty,old invention, was now a great, sweet machine.
The invention, that Ellie was working on, made professor opal smile.

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The ice cream invention by Keaton


Mvikaxt Nicabi a bunny / human , who has bunny ears ,also has little panda ears with a saw stuck into the middle of his head also, he has a waist coat and a pocket watch .he owns a massive Villa with 5096 rooms to be exact , but there is one room you can’t go in ; it’s the scariest room in the whole villa it has nothing in it except the secret red, bed ! With no bottom you sit on it you fall through and I mean straight through .

Mvikaxt Nicabi fell straight through the bed , he wasn’t scared though because it was his special basement where his invention stood its ground . Mr. Bongy the invention made a random noise ” swoosh !!!? ” Mvikaxt Nicabi exclaimed ” it’s working ?!!!! ” .

It all of a sudden it started to work . The invention was an ice cream maker . It has ice cream in its belly , his belly rumbles then you use its handle to open his belly you get the ice cream then , you get a lot off add-ons – sprinkles , sherbet many more he’ll have them all u name the, he’ll have them.

Squeak !!! Mvikaxt Nicabi exclaimed ” nooooooooo ! ” the invention blew up ; it set on fire he ran around getting bits he needed to fix it , but he couldn’t find them .

Running into his secret basement , he deliberately kicked the wall he picked up his rusty , burnt invention and cryed Mvikaxt Nicabi , who had a secret basement filled it with inventions .


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Helens invention

Helen’s shed is a mouldy, damp, wooden house. Like a jungle,the backyard was a messy garden. Inside the poor shed, Helen was working on her invention. Helen always wears odd socks with ripped trainers. She ties a shoelace around her head and uses it as a headband.

Helen is very creative and in the shed she is making an invention. It is a shiny baby blue closet. When you open it, a ball drops and it starts off the cogs. Your outfits then start going around in a circle and you choose one.

Helen stepped one foot closer to her invention. She opened up her invention to put the rest of the cogs inside. She thought, what if this all goes wrong! I will be ruined . She grabbed the cogs of the table. “Take it easy now one wrong move I’m ruined!” She murmured to herself. “My invention should always be at 5°c” Helen said while checking the machine. “And I’m done” Helen started jumping and she closed her invention for the morning. Like a star, Helen jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait to test her invention. She opened up the invention. The ball started rolling down, but it went wrong…

All of the clothes added together. She pulled one out it carried on going. She thought she made a wrong move. As she did, Helen never noticed. She was wrong since the start. The whole thing. She had a go moving the cogs, but it kept on hurting her bloody, dirty, fingers. Helen, who had messed up on her machine, was very frustrated. She was trying to stop it all night. Eventually, the machine stopped. She got all new cogs and put them back into place. Put the ball back and there is was working again. Helen, who was shocked she fixed it, became rich.

  1. By Mia F