Ebony’s great inventor story


Winter is a young girl who loves to wonder. As soft as a sheep, winter stepped on a pillow in the weird, wacky garden. Winter walked into a scruffy, old, raged labotory ;inside was a man whit hair which looked like whipped cream and he was dressed in tweed.

The man was named inventor Kookie,the inventor cookie locked at winter and said ” I didn’t expect to see you here” winter replayed
“I got lost in the woods “. What are you doing here?” The inventor didn’t replay and cared on building the mysterious Machine . The next hour later winter sat Down , but then she heard strange noises comeing from where the inventor was.

Winter went to the inventor’s room and saw an octopus. The invention was named Octo3000 it was making a sort of ping, pong ,ping ,pong ,ding ,dong ,ding, dong noises. The inventor shouted happily “YES IT WORKS!”the next moment octo3000 burst into billions of pieces and they scattered all over the place, on the tabes ‘on the counter and on the floor. Cookie shouted “NOOOOOOOO MY INVENTION!”

The inventor whined after the explotion. All of a sudden the inventor shouted winter in a strange,angry voice ,”come on help me fix it” winter screamed at all the dust on the floor, but then helped him fined the prices on the floor winter founded some cogs on the floor and cookie founded a wind up key and they built the machine. The end

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