Helens invention

Helen’s shed is a mouldy, damp, wooden house. Like a jungle,the backyard was a messy garden. Inside the poor shed, Helen was working on her invention. Helen always wears odd socks with ripped trainers. She ties a shoelace around her head and uses it as a headband.

Helen is very creative and in the shed she is making an invention. It is a shiny baby blue closet. When you open it, a ball drops and it starts off the cogs. Your outfits then start going around in a circle and you choose one.

Helen stepped one foot closer to her invention. She opened up her invention to put the rest of the cogs inside. She thought, what if this all goes wrong! I will be ruined . She grabbed the cogs of the table. “Take it easy now one wrong move I’m ruined!” She murmured to herself. “My invention should always be at 5°c” Helen said while checking the machine. “And I’m done” Helen started jumping and she closed her invention for the morning. Like a star, Helen jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait to test her invention. She opened up the invention. The ball started rolling down, but it went wrong…

All of the clothes added together. She pulled one out it carried on going. She thought she made a wrong move. As she did, Helen never noticed. She was wrong since the start. The whole thing. She had a go moving the cogs, but it kept on hurting her bloody, dirty, fingers. Helen, who had messed up on her machine, was very frustrated. She was trying to stop it all night. Eventually, the machine stopped. She got all new cogs and put them back into place. Put the ball back and there is was working again. Helen, who was shocked she fixed it, became rich.

  1. By Mia F

Published by

Miss Davies

Year 5 teacher

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