The breakfast invention by Codie

One day there was a little girl called Tabby she lived with her family she has 8 brothers and 12 sisters she also lives with her mum,dad,grandma,grandad . They lived behind a clock behind a shop of toys and they always go and food and toy’s so everyday day they got food and drinks and blankets and pillows but were the got there money from is from the till so they can pay for food and stuff you need.
One night Tabby went to the shop and steal teddies for there beds but the old man
caught and the old man said empty your pocket Tabby were frightened of the man and stole here best scarf no that is mine not any more I’m going to rip it all up into little tinny pieces of scarf. Now what were you stealing teddy so my house I will pay you fine but you get 2 days until you pay.

The little girl had a job for school she was a the head teacher and teachers get mad when headteacher is late.

Then before she went she ran away from the man and quickly got ready for her job.

She herd a crack,pop and a bang she was so scared she saw someone (frightend)
It was her family.

She wen to school at school she invented with investors machine what get s you Hoyt of bed brushes your teeth and and makes you breakfast and write s for you .

It became night time it came morning for her cos she had made a room to finish her invention but no one said can have decided who can have it.

They all argued and the invention was done tabby said I,m having it and they all said okay and and it was all a good invention it all lives happily ever after.

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