The breakfast machine by tabby

One strange day, Ellie got a parcel that was meant to be delivered across the road.So that following hour she set off across the road .From the outside, it looked as tidy as Miss Davis’ bedroom. At the front of the gate was a string, so curiously she pulled at it. Out of nowhere came a robotic dog circling her. It beckoned her in.

Inside the house, it was pretty plain and empty. Ellie could hear a voice coming from the garden. Outside, there was a shed as small as a mouse. Ellie knocked on the brown, wooden, oak door and a knock came back . She knocked again and another dog came back! A few minutes late , the door swung open and Ellie stumbled in. The woman that stood In Front of her had crazy, grey hair that looked as if she had been electrocuted. A huge poof of smoke appeared an the room was filled with black smoke.

Coughing and spluttering, professor opal attempted to swat away the smoke. When the smoke disappeared , professor opal continued with the bright, colourful machine. ” what’s that?” Enquired Ellie. ” is it a unicorn?” She smiled hopefully.

Ellie loved pink, bright unicorns and many other mythical creatures.

“It is a well known breakfast machine little one!” Said professor opal.
“Wow can I see it work?” Ellie questioned.

Soon after, the machine began spluttering away, but it didn’t go as planned…

Eggs flew everywhere landing on the roof ,walls and coffee splashed over all the paper scattered on the desk. “Oh no!” Cried professor opal.BANG, CRACKLE, BOOM.

Clueless and scared ,Ellie paced around the shed . This was hard as it was only a tight space. Not knowing what to do herself, professor opal sat down and began quietly murmuring .

“Don’t worry-“, began Ellie. Shocked and curious, Ellie stared at it .”Maybe we can fix it”. Unsure but hopefull, professor opal agreed. Ellie disappeared and a minute later, she came back with a huge pile of random, strange things. In the pile was: a sharp, golden ice cream cone, a few rusty cogs and small gears, a pack of scrumptious chocolate buttons and a pack of rose red strawberry laces.

” Thats not quite what I expected,I mean…”began professor opal.
” Its ok I’ll handle this” interrupted Ellie. Sparks flew around the room as Ellie attempted to fix the broken invention. Professor opal took a peep and saw what used to be her rusty,old invention, was now a great, sweet machine.
The invention, that Ellie was working on, made professor opal smile.

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