The ice cream invention by Keaton


Mvikaxt Nicabi a bunny / human , who has bunny ears ,also has little panda ears with a saw stuck into the middle of his head also, he has a waist coat and a pocket watch .he owns a massive Villa with 5096 rooms to be exact , but there is one room you can’t go in ; it’s the scariest room in the whole villa it has nothing in it except the secret red, bed ! With no bottom you sit on it you fall through and I mean straight through .

Mvikaxt Nicabi fell straight through the bed , he wasn’t scared though because it was his special basement where his invention stood its ground . Mr. Bongy the invention made a random noise ” swoosh !!!? ” Mvikaxt Nicabi exclaimed ” it’s working ?!!!! ” .

It all of a sudden it started to work . The invention was an ice cream maker . It has ice cream in its belly , his belly rumbles then you use its handle to open his belly you get the ice cream then , you get a lot off add-ons – sprinkles , sherbet many more he’ll have them all u name the, he’ll have them.

Squeak !!! Mvikaxt Nicabi exclaimed ” nooooooooo ! ” the invention blew up ; it set on fire he ran around getting bits he needed to fix it , but he couldn’t find them .

Running into his secret basement , he deliberately kicked the wall he picked up his rusty , burnt invention and cryed Mvikaxt Nicabi , who had a secret basement filled it with inventions .


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