Winters pancake mashine By Abby

Hiking up the hill Winter finds a rusted,black shack.That looked like an overgrowth with all kinds of trees.Like ropes, the vines tangled around winters feet and hot her to the floor.a strange figure appeared he stepped over her “uhhh hello”Winter shouted to the figure but he had all ready shut the door.Lucky Winter found her red pocket knife that sliced into the vines like cake.

Winter saw a door bell she got up but then it suddenly disappeared. So she had to knock (knock knock) the door swung open.The man had been rushing around frantically looking for the right book.

Winter got in to the house “hello?” Winter said as her voice echoed Down the hall.the man was still running down the hall suddenly,something caught Winters eye.It was labelled “THE PANKFRY 9000″said a strong voice from behind Winter.”how dose it work.” Questioned winter hoping it would get the mans attention “oh this rings that sends a signal to that frys that flips it on to there and brings it out,Awsome isn’t it”said the man while takeing a deep breath in.

“Do you want to try it.”he asked “uhh me?” ” sure I guess I don’t know” said Winter nervously “Great” he said giddily “Bing Bosh Splat Sizzle and BANG!” “Cough Cough”
Winter said wiping the smoke off her face ,winter got up and helped the man up. “Look it works” said the man pointing at the machine. The smell of the perfectly cooked pancakes drew them towards the macine.

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