Christopher’s invention story

Rushing, Jack went towards the over grown, wacky garden with an old, rotten shed.
Jack is a young, mature ,petite boy who loves to play football.

Then Jack could hear a humming noise coming from the old, rotten shed.
He was weary of going in to the shed.Then he apaches the shed the door
was rusty like a pice off meatless that has been out in the rain for 38 hours.
He knocks on the door it goes on for 23 minutes then he got to go in.

Then he sees the wacky crazy dreadlocked hair.He had old antique
clothes.”what your name,”
“My name is Beje,”
“What is that,”
“What is that ”
“That’s my machine do you help me build it ?”
Four hours later,
the newly polished oak wood glistened in the hot sun . Du to the weather,the oak wood glistens in sun.
It was all built,but then he knocks the chemicals… Then a blazing fire that was as hot as scorching sun in Brazil

5 days later the machine was built again ” I’m so happy that my machine is built again
“I’m happy that it is going to help lots off people.”

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Miss Davies

Year 5 teacher

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