The messy inventor

Gargamel, was a messy scientist and had hair sticking up. Dusty, black clothes and he never slept he is always down stairs how he got in to this I don’t know .i think he got it of his dad one day, he was in his old rusty shed. Late that night, he saw his work shop blasted out with fire.The next day, he sprung out of his cosy little bed.

Running,down the stairs he said to himself “thank you its just a dream. “Hello gargamel what are you doing today” questioned George ” well do u want to see my invention ” asked gargamel ” yes! ” asked George

They were slowly walking towards the invention he only just started doing the invention , but he only need to do a head . ” what do you think is going to happen next?” . After a while the invention was like new . He turned it off , but he tripped over the invention and it had a big red button .

The next day came by and he turned his invention on and food was coming out off his mouth was going everywhere . The man came ” are you ok ” the man Said ” yes.”
So he turned the invention off and went outside he wasn’t there’s one went back into his rusty , old , mouldy shed he thought , ” it’s theThe red button what’s doing all of this ” he went to the invention pressed the red button everything went normal …

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