Alfie swallow

Walking slowly, Tommy couldn’t stop. Like a bullet , he shot through the busy street. But on top of the hill stood the Woden mouldy house. Hurriedly , he sped through the broken gate. Where he picked his key out his pocket and he tried to unlock the door but the key hole was changed,very un happily , he rang the bell. “Who’s there” boomed a voice. That second he opened the door whilst walking in he saw manny robots , tools and pieces of metal. But the house , was on its last legs , it was not very crowded.

Suddenly , the boy rushed home his mum had called him for tea. He dashed home not realising he’d left his small spanner. His dad had gave him. He didn’t know that it would finish. The machine.

The next day the boy came to clams his tool the inventor said”thank you”
Timothy asked “why say that ” “why it helped finish my machine ” Dr. Jackson exclaimed.

The next second , the inventor set of his machine. It kept it self moving all day until. It malfunctions all its water went everywhere “oops I forgot to water proof it ” said dr .jackson it got it self wet . Suddenly it powered off after months or cranking and cranking it just wouldn’t work. But…

That moment, it’s eyes opened and it got to work but they stopped it in the end they had a party.

What may happen next …

The unusual invention By Lily

One unusual day, there was a girl called Ebony. Happily skipping she suddenly saw a house; it was a dull and strange house; she had never seen before. Ebony stood there in silence in front of the gate, wondering if she should go in.When she decided, she walked into the garden hesitatingly. All of a sudden, she heard a puff noise;she quickly ran into the unusual house to see what had happened…

As she opened the creaky door crrreakk. She was amazed. There,right in front of her was a lab. In fact, It wasn’t just any lab. It was better than a lab;she couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t even know how to describe it. As she walked into the indescribable lab, she looked at all of the pink, green,blue and many more colours of the potions; and an invention that wasn’t quite finished.

“Hello” Ebony said, nervously. All of a sudden,a girl walked into the room. A very strange looking girl. Well,firstly she had ears like a cats, also she was wearing a sparkly dress with crazy hair. One part of it was in a ponytail, the other in a platt and finally the middle bit the craziest of all of it was sticking up like babies have it. Also, she had some very long, pretty eyelashes and very handy shoes that Ebony had never seen before.They were vey unusual and Ebony was sure that she designed them herself.

As she walked towards Ebony,who said “Hello my name is Katie Crazpop” Ebony thought to herself “that is such a crazy name”. Then, Katie Crazpop offered Ebony a drink.She gave her a nice chocolate milkshake. “Mmm” said Katie Crazpop.I only ever have these when guests come!” She exclaimed. “You mean other people have been here!”Ebony said surprisingly.”Yes yes,it is only special people that can see this house and if you can see those positions over there” she pointed where the positions where.”You are extra special!” Katie Crazpop replied.

After a while, they realised that they had even talking for ages.”Oh no what am I going to do!”Ebony said panicking. But then, Katie Crazpop came up with a great idea “I use a great idea! Why don’t you sleep at my house I am sure your mum wouldn’t mind would she. But obviously not because at home Ebony looked after herself, her mum was always out drinking and only came back in the afternoons; and that wasn’t to see Ebony that was to get changed.”No no I am sure she wouldn’t mind”replied Ebony in a exited toned voice.So when they both decided where they was going to sleep Ebony helped Katie Crazpop wth her not so finished invention.

They had so much fun together and when they had finished they were very tired so they decided to go to sleep. But as they was sleeping the machine became alive…
It was turning into a bubble monster it was all bubbling up and then raaaaaa!!! It nearly attacked the girls luckily, all of the inventions that Katie Crazpop made saved them.But none of the girls new that they was alive. But until there was another monster they would have to do what they was made to do…
The End.

Dab Mason

Walking,he was going down the lane.He was heading towards a hill and he was going to see his dad’s friend.The boy,who was called Bob,started to walk over the hill.He went over to the top of the hill and he was very excited to get to the top of the hill.Like the boy on the hill,another person was walking over the hills and the picture that my dad gave me and the walking over the hills was the same description as the picture on the paper.Bob pulled another piece of paper out from his pocket and it said rosed avenue number12 on that street.He looked on the other side of the paper and it said his name Mr Bubblefish and supposelly to my dad the man was a very good inventor to make really good pieces of work with different materials he likes building stuff because that is his hobbie making new inventions.He started to walk down the lane that was cobblestones all on the path.He walked towards the wonderful view of his dad’s friends house he went up to the gate and he opened it very carefully so it didn’t brake or Mr Bubblefish would of gone mad and he would of chucked me out the street and I can’t go over the hills again.Bob knocked on this crazy inventors house door and the boy was worried what would come out of his mouth this time to me would it be anger or would it be a nice talk or would it be a shouting voice when I am right infront of him and he is shouting that loud it would probably deafened you next time he may do it I will tell him calm down.When the inventor opened the door,he came out with a actually rather nice voice to me he said,are you the friends son and I don’t know which friend you mean because my dad said you had lots of friends and they have sons aswell and we showed him the picture of his dad’s friend and the inventor said” that is me on that picture “and Bob answered back yes that is you exclaimed!Bob.”come on come in”said Mr Bubblefish.
The inventors house was full of inventions,the inventors house is made out of modern day MasonHouldsworth

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The Invention

Walking down the old fashioned rad to help Robert in the warm shop.They are bulaing a new amazing shower that shoot’s wlater and soap .They ware working Robert is a crazy man and has spiky black hair.In the a house, with which old fashioned, with a rotting door, lived Robert. He was an good invention and had invented a super shower like a glin shooting water had a boll that to shoot out soap.The pas busied because it is not good.The man was to fill it a gen.Smning happen,it sadly waning gen .Iike a flash, a quick a it was waving a again. The mishandling had a son to the jisheng.They had to cuts pap to get the Sidon.

Written by Crimea Lee

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Dam Daniel

Walking like an old man ,Daniel was passing dumpy,rusty road.on the hill he saw the bank and was scared. Hurriedly he ran up the massive hill as fast as flash but still had a long way to walk.why the guards were distracted he enters the bank . Daniel,was pleased how far he walked ” who’s that said the guards .the bank looked brilliant ,fantastic .so he entered the door where the money was and took it all. He tried to sneak out of the bank with the bag full of money so it looked obvious he had something going on. My inventor is going really well nyle”yes just hope it dose not break Daniel I no it tuck us all day nearly.oh why did I say that it’s not working now every thing was going right but now it’s not working nyle yes there is no point wasting are time building another one.from daniel

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Thunder gun

Sciping ,Jack had a special job to quickly as possible,Jack crossed the road the age ,cobbled the end off the terraces house,Jack unlocked the gate;whilst walking toward the guard dog ,who’s a boxer ,is name is( boss)he is black and brown. Quickly,he doge a trap which was not his ideal.after ,he opened the door to see the inventor(Jim) . Please with the new version of the best of the thunder gun. The thunder gun shuck and fired and struck bulsy.Jack “what are you doing?”Jim “nowt.why”
Most of this is very very valuable stuff.smiling ,off what he’s will be perfect:the inventor is perfect.oh no!screaming,in the house,the belt the belt crashes .Jim shouted out it will never be fix.

Written by Jim smith!

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The Time Machine

Walking up the cobblestone road, he stopped to say hello to the neighbour with his best friend called Daniel. As quick as a flash jack hurried up to the really posh house on top of the hill he could see the really cute pet rabbits. Kindly he went to stroke the cute pet rabbits while knocking on the door. The house was white it were made of quarts and a little bit cracked the fence was brown. When the rabbit found his toy he quickly got it so no one else got it. Pleased with what he had done he looked at his fine piece of work. Who’s that knocking on the door hopes its jack jack goes inside Daniel’s house jack looks at Daniel’s piece of work and says how good it is. Daniel wants to test out the machine so he turns it on and the machine didn’t work. He forgot he needed one more thing to work the machine he goes outside he looks everywhere for it to work but can’t find anything. He runs back inside the machine breaks he goes outside and finally finds the purple liquid divinum to fix the machine he puts it in the machine and starts to work again. Daniel and jack step foot in the machine and instead of going to the past they go to the future they arrive at a place called Nuketown. He walks in and sees that they are futuristic robots attacking him he runs away but then wonders how is he going to get back. He finds a wired man he were trading things they both traded and they got a machine to get back home. They teleported back home now they know when they want to time travel they can do it.

Nyle barrow

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Do-it-ur-self /kitchen style/

The do -it-ur-self/kitchen style /
“Charlie stop picking your nose ,Lola don’t drink the bleach !”shouted mum .PAUSE ,carry on reading that sentence if you keep repeating this sentence you an tell that mum if about to tear our her hair! That is because she has twenty five children yes you read it twenty five . The house she lives in , is full of dirty washing stacked in huge piles I every small corner you go to . The large , dirty house is actually really big it just appeares small due to all the washing .

Mum has blonde hair and green eyes and is a hard working woman because she has to look after twenty five children ! One day she had had enough ! She had had enough of doing everything SPLAT! That was the news paper going through the mail box . Mum slowly walked over to the mail box and bent down and grabbed the post and walked back over to the chair she was sitting in . She started to read when she came across an article it said , dr Charles Tribbles has invented a new invention called Do – it – ur – self /Kitchen style / only £25.00 it will do a lot of work for you !

Suddenly that was it , she could buy that machine and she would be able to relax and do anything she wanted . So she decided to go to the inventors house to get this amazing machine . A couple of minutes later on the long , dusty road , emerging from the fog was a large Newley built , crooked house . Excited , she ran to rusty gates and slowly but carefully pushed them open . Then from her feet she heard loud ferocious barking she looked down and there where two French Bulldogs . A few minutes later she heard a voice from the top window of the house .

” OY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE !?” Shouted the man .
” I am a customer and I would like to purchase Do-it -ur-self /kitchen style / ” Mum replied .
“Okay watch the cogs and wheels on the way in ! “He exclaimed . Mum ,who was excited , ran up the drive way into the house and up the stairs to the room the inventor was in . He had three pairs of glasses on his head , and a tweed jacket and black pants in with his slippers ??

” here you go ” said the inventor dumping Mum with a large , heavy box .
“Thank you you don’t know how much this means to me !” She said happily . She carefully climbed down the stairs .

Soon later she arrived home and put the children to bed and started to put together the fantastic machine . It was the first time EVER ! She got relax she read a book and lit rose smelling tea lights .

But, one dreadful day , Casper was kicking a ball around the kitchen and hit one of the wires and the machine malfunctioned and broke down .
“CASPER ! HOW MANNY TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU DON’T KICK THE BALL IN DOORS KNOWNI NEED TO CALL THE INVENTOR TO FIX IT!!!!!” Yelled mum angrily . Annoyed , she went over to the phone dialled the number 1065 78921 it began to ring .

“Hello this is Rosina I came to your house yesterday to purchase a machine and know it has malfunctioned and broke down can you fix it ??” Said Mum calmly .
” Of corse I can I will be there soon in fact in a tootle -oo “he replied . Half a hour later he arrived and began to fix the machine . Charles Tribles cut his bandaged finger on a bit of plastic .
“OWW!” He cried in agony . A few rolling hours later he had finished .
” I have finished now and now my work is done goodbye ! “He exclaimed happily .
” Goodbye ” she said as he left . She never saw the inventor again but luckily the machine never broke down again (because Mum locked all the balls in the Cupboard under the stairs )

The end by Charlotte Walmsley

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Lucy the amazing inventor (sort of )

Walking slowly, Mia , who was the inventors niece, crossed the dark and narrow alleyway to get to the ludicrous and absurd inventors home. As quick as a cheetah,Mia sped past the frightening eight-headed monster ( Elijah ) . Mia finally arrived at the inventors home, hoping that Lucy – the inventor – doesn’t make her try anything on . Everywhere she looked , was filled with statues and ridiculous painting. It was old and unstable while lots of heavy things were inside . Lucy walked down the stairs carrying one of her favourite inventions ( the hovering board ) .

” So Is it finished auntie Lucy ?” asked Mia . Lucy ignored her she was to busy tinkering with her machine. Eventually, Mia found herself falling asleep . Lucy grabbed a wrench : she was fixing the hovering board. Standing up Mia went to Lucy and asked her if she can help in any way but again she ignored her again but this time Mia just grabbed a wrench and got working . After two hours of working hard Mia and Lucy finally fixed the machine . But after two minutes it fell apart again after Mia put one foot on the machine. Feeling sad Mia and Lucy both hung their heads in despair . ” Come on auntie Lucy ! Let’s not let grief get us down !!” Shouted Mia . Running outside to get some extra parts Mia stopped suddenly to gaze at the beautiful night sky with sparkling stars.

Lucy stares at Mia, feeling surprised that she would get caught up in the night sky or be so cheery about about anything. Smiling, Lucy nods her head in agreement as they begin. As quick as a flash , they almost finished with the hovering board. On the top of the hill , Mia stood and looked at the house . Enthusiastically, Lucy grabs the key and jams it in the ( heart shaped) hole. When they were hungry, they went into the kitchen and ate a packet of crisps . Pleased with what they had done , they stood back and admired their work . ” We finally finished the hovering board !! ” shouted Mia riding up and down the hill.

By Jessica Hunt

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Manucho’s mirical

Marucho’s miracle

Dashing,the reckless Dan kuso and sensible Ace kuso crossed the streets of new vestroia.sprinting towards Marucho’s laboratory,they stopped and gazed at the birds for the fewest of seconds. “ever since the resistance saved new vestroia life has been as boring as heads or tails!” Dan moaned “I can’t wait to get to Marucho’s laboratory.Ace ,who was next to him,was very infuriated:Dan had forced Ace to come.
Then they saw a 5M high golden house with a 2.5M high silver door,button controlled fence heavily armoured guard huskies and a brilliantly automatic garden.

Marucho (who wanted to see them) was a inventor and was 90cm tall with red glasses,a blue jacket,a green T-shirt, a white vest and black jeans.He never laughs and never feels angry,he is always enthusiastic and never brags “hey guys,you already know me and why I wanted to see you but just to remind you, I want you to see my newest invention.Hey Dan,put a coin at the starting point and in 5 seconds the walls of it will rise and expose the glass behind it.” Marucho explained.The coin passed the egg and fell into the frying pan and oil followed but before the explosion erupted,the trio hid in the emergency chamber.

Posted by Rhys

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