The unusual invention By Lily

One unusual day, there was a girl called Ebony. Happily skipping she suddenly saw a house; it was a dull and strange house; she had never seen before. Ebony stood there in silence in front of the gate, wondering if she should go in.When she decided, she walked into the garden hesitatingly. All of a sudden, she heard a puff noise;she quickly ran into the unusual house to see what had happened…

As she opened the creaky door crrreakk. She was amazed. There,right in front of her was a lab. In fact, It wasn’t just any lab. It was better than a lab;she couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t even know how to describe it. As she walked into the indescribable lab, she looked at all of the pink, green,blue and many more colours of the potions; and an invention that wasn’t quite finished.

“Hello” Ebony said, nervously. All of a sudden,a girl walked into the room. A very strange looking girl. Well,firstly she had ears like a cats, also she was wearing a sparkly dress with crazy hair. One part of it was in a ponytail, the other in a platt and finally the middle bit the craziest of all of it was sticking up like babies have it. Also, she had some very long, pretty eyelashes and very handy shoes that Ebony had never seen before.They were vey unusual and Ebony was sure that she designed them herself.

As she walked towards Ebony,who said “Hello my name is Katie Crazpop” Ebony thought to herself “that is such a crazy name”. Then, Katie Crazpop offered Ebony a drink.She gave her a nice chocolate milkshake. “Mmm” said Katie Crazpop.I only ever have these when guests come!” She exclaimed. “You mean other people have been here!”Ebony said surprisingly.”Yes yes,it is only special people that can see this house and if you can see those positions over there” she pointed where the positions where.”You are extra special!” Katie Crazpop replied.

After a while, they realised that they had even talking for ages.”Oh no what am I going to do!”Ebony said panicking. But then, Katie Crazpop came up with a great idea “I use a great idea! Why don’t you sleep at my house I am sure your mum wouldn’t mind would she. But obviously not because at home Ebony looked after herself, her mum was always out drinking and only came back in the afternoons; and that wasn’t to see Ebony that was to get changed.”No no I am sure she wouldn’t mind”replied Ebony in a exited toned voice.So when they both decided where they was going to sleep Ebony helped Katie Crazpop wth her not so finished invention.

They had so much fun together and when they had finished they were very tired so they decided to go to sleep. But as they was sleeping the machine became alive…
It was turning into a bubble monster it was all bubbling up and then raaaaaa!!! It nearly attacked the girls luckily, all of the inventions that Katie Crazpop made saved them.But none of the girls new that they was alive. But until there was another monster they would have to do what they was made to do…
The End.

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