Alfie swallow

Walking slowly, Tommy couldn’t stop. Like a bullet , he shot through the busy street. But on top of the hill stood the Woden mouldy house. Hurriedly , he sped through the broken gate. Where he picked his key out his pocket and he tried to unlock the door but the key hole was changed,very un happily , he rang the bell. “Who’s there” boomed a voice. That second he opened the door whilst walking in he saw manny robots , tools and pieces of metal. But the house , was on its last legs , it was not very crowded.

Suddenly , the boy rushed home his mum had called him for tea. He dashed home not realising he’d left his small spanner. His dad had gave him. He didn’t know that it would finish. The machine.

The next day the boy came to clams his tool the inventor said”thank you”
Timothy asked “why say that ” “why it helped finish my machine ” Dr. Jackson exclaimed.

The next second , the inventor set of his machine. It kept it self moving all day until. It malfunctions all its water went everywhere “oops I forgot to water proof it ” said dr .jackson it got it self wet . Suddenly it powered off after months or cranking and cranking it just wouldn’t work. But…

That moment, it’s eyes opened and it got to work but they stopped it in the end they had a party.

What may happen next …

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