The Survivors biographies by Sophie and Bethany

                                          Bear Grylls


Swimming in cold, deadly water, jumping off helicopters and eating disgusting things like bugs and raw animals, are some of the unusual challenges that are faced by the fearless Edward Michael Grylls also known as…. Bear Grylls! He also has an exciting TV show called: Man VS Wild. This biography is about the amazing things that Bear Grylls does and all about him.

Early Life

Bear Grylls was born on the 7th June 1974 in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. A few years later, he went to Birkbeck high school (which opened in 1964) and is now called Somercotes Academy. Because Bear is so lucky, he went to college in the famous, yet old, Eton college (which opened in 1440). He also went to the University of London (which opened in 1836).


Bear Grylls’ mother (Lady Sarah Grylls) was born on the 5th April 1921 in Donaghadee. His father (Sir Michael Grylls) was born on the 21st February 1934 in Folkestone. When Bear was only a week old, his older sister (Lara Fawcett) gave him the nickname ‘Bear’ instead of his real name.

Bear, who has a big family, has a wonderful wife named Shara Cannings Knight and they have three children: Jesse Grylls, Marmaduke Grylls and Huckleberry Grylls. Bear married Shara in 2000. In a short length of time, their first child was born in 2003. His other children however, were born in 2006 and 2009.


It has been a tricky life for Bear. He used to be a chief scout and a motivational speaker. He is now an adventurer, an author and a TV presenter. Bear Grylls is ridiculous, ridiculous because he jumps off helicopters into dangerous surroundings not knowing what is about to pounce out to get him. Bear Grylls started his first TV show, a Escape to the  Legion, in 2005. He is also a Christian and believes in God.

I’m sure you will agree that Bear Grylls is an amazing person. He has done so many fabulous things in his life, what is he going to do next?

By Sophie

Ray Mears


Ray Mears is a man of many talents and interesting facts we didn’t know about. Ray is a bushcraft maker and a nature man. Ray, who is bushcraft expert, has made some knives in the past and carved different things to survive. If you want to learn more about Ray, read deep down into this biography to learn more about Raymond Paul Mears.


In Raymond’s early life, he attended a primary school in Coulsdon Purely. After Ray had finished school, he then went to Reigate Grammar school. Ray grew up in southern England, where he discovered his love for bushcraft in the country side near to his mum and dads house. Ray was born on the 7th February 1964.

Personal Life

Ray Mears married his first wife Rachel in 1992 but Rachel sadly died in 2006 due to having breast cancer. Ray Mears then married his second wife Ruth in 2009. Now that Ray has married Ruth, he now has a stepson. Before Rachel died, Ray had 2 stepsons, but when Rachel passed away they went to live with their dad.

Books/TV shows

Ray is also an author of 12 books all about survival and bushcraft. Ray wrote his books to teach young children about what he does. Ray has quiet a few TV shows also has been on the Norwegian heavy. He told the story about the water mission in world war 2.

Life Now

Ray now lives in Sussex with his second wife (Ruth) and his stepson. Ray is currently filming 2 TV shows called ‘Wild Australia’ and ‘Wild France’ for us to watch.

As you can tell from this biography Ray Mears has a very busy life and continuing his love for bushcraft and surviving the wilderness.

By Bethany

We hope that you enjoyed reading our biographys and that you know more about Bear Grylls and Ray Mears.

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The amazing life of Steve Irwin by Logan


This biography is about Steve Irwin, how he died and what he did, but now he is sadly dead. His wife and his son Carry on what he did.


When Steve got home from his amazing zoo, he came home to his family and started to say how his day had been and he asked how their day had been. He always came home with a new or the same animal but they didn’t moan. Steve got up at seven a clock in the morning and went to find a new animal for his zoo or just to look at. He always saw a crocodile either in water or on land.

Steve Irwin was a big brave man and wasn’t scared of anything like crocodiles, tigers, snakes, poisons lizards and more. He always wanted to catch a stingray but sadly, he died because the stingray wasn’t happy so it got it’s barb, cut his chest and stung his heart and Steve slowly died. His wife, son and his daughter still carry on what he did with his wife being in her forties and his children being 18 (his daughter) and his son 12. They say that Steve is watching then and how good they’re doing.

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The biography of Sir David Attenborough by Rebecca


Have you ever wondered what Sir David Attenborough gets up to in day to day life? Well I shall tell you now that it’s a bit more than sipping coffee in front of the TV. Oh no no no! Follow me as we dive into the amazing life of Sir David himself. This biography will cover everything from birth to now, so come and join us. What are you waiting for?

Early Life    

Sir David, who developed a life long hatred of rats, was born in Isleworth (London) on May 28th 1928. From a very young age David had an adoration for all nature though I doubt he knew that later in life he would become one of the most famous naturists in the U.K. and possibly the world.

Personal life                                                                                                                             David’s father, Fredrick, was born on April 4th 1882 and died on March 20th 1978 at 93 years old. He has 2 brothers. Sir David used to attend the London school of economics. (Mick Jagger used to go there!) Sir David was married to Jane Oriel on February 17th 1950. They had 2 children named Robert and Susan. Unfortunately Jane died in 1997.

by Rebecca

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That crazy night!


That night was the most dreadful night of my entire life! The thunder, which destroyed my house, was on all night. My hands were shaking like an avalanche, the ground was rumbling…

“BANG!” That lighting bolt hit the roof and damaged the whole house. Everyone in my house was screaming like an ant about to be stepped on. Everyone took cover in the emergency shed. 7 hours later, the storm started to calm down, we were brave enough to come outside. There was a beautiful rainbow!!

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The biography of Ray Mears

The amazing life of Ray Mears By Scarlett

Ray Mears is a man of survival. Mears, who is a bushcraft expert, is an amazing hunter in the wild. This biography is going to talk about his books, TV shows, education, youth and personal life. Keep reading to find out more about the life journey of Raymond Paul Mears.


In 1964, his life started when he was born in Coulsdon. He grew up in southern England as a kind, helpful boy. Ray, who discovered bushcraft in the countryside near his house, attended Regigate grammar school. His ambition was to join the Royal Marines, but sadly failed the recruitment test.

Personal life

When Ray grew up, his life was extremely happy, he met his future wife called Rachel (in 1993.) Ray and Rachel got married in 2005 and lived a happy life together! A year later, Ray was really depressed. Why was Ray depressed you may ask? Rachel died of breast cancer. Luckily enough, he got a new girlfriend called Ruth and a stepson. Ray and Ruth got married in 2009 and lived a happy life together forever!

Books/Tv shows

Ray Mears, as you know is an author, tv presenter and Instructor businessman. He has written 12 books such as My outdoor life, Essential bushcraft, Outdoor survival handbook and many more. Also, he has made 20 TV shows like Ray Mears northern wilderness, Wild Britain, Wild food and many more.

Life now

In his life now, he’s living in Sussex with his wife and grown up stepson. Also, filming 2 amazing TV shows called Wild France and Wild Australia. He still has a lot of life ahead of him and lots of TV shows to film!


By Scarlett


The biography of Bear Grylls by Lauren

Falling from helicopters ,catching snakes and eating bugs are all in a day’s work for Bear Grylls .Anyway ,this biography goes though a few parts of Bear Grylls life. So let’s get right in.


Early life

Bear Grylls was born on June 7th 1974 (aged 42). He was born in Donaghee. Also, his real name is Edward Michael Grylls. When he was a few months old, his sister gave him the nickname Bear.

Bear got sent to Ludgrove boarding school. At night, Bear climbed out of his window and climbed up the school flagpole.


In school, he was very adventurous. Also, he loved karate and going to lots of tournaments and he loved Maths and History. Also, he loved to go home to his parents and he loved sky diving too. He enjoyed going into the SAS before he broke his back.


TV shows and books

Bear Grylls has done a lot of TV shows, for example, Man V Wild and Born Survivor. He does TV shows everywhere but more in New Zealand, Canada, India and the US (also Africa and Asia).

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